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Metronidazole and Alcohol – What You Should Know

June 24th, 2014

If you happen to be prescribed with a certain drug by your doctor then you should already know that you are not to take alcohol throughout the duration of the treatment period. Antibiotics like metronidazole and alcohol can be a dangerous combo if you are not aware of its effects. Not only metronidazole and alcohol but to other drugs as well. As a general rule, you are not to drink liquours if you want to get the optimum results of your medications. There are reasons why metronidazole and alcohol cannot go together and this will be shortly explained in this article.

What is metronidazole by the way?

Metronidazole is an effective antibiotic drug used for treatng various types of infections caused by bacteria and certain parasites. Doctors generally recommend metronidazole for treating vaginosis, infections caused by Giardia lambia, trichomanas infections, intestinal amebiasis, and many other types of infections. The reason why metronidazole is highly recommended by doctors is that the drug alone is sufficient enough to kill the parasites and bacteria. Most of the time you only need a lower dosage to be cured, unlike th other medications. With metrondazole your risk of acquiring antibiotic resistance is lower plus you don’t have to suffer a lot of side effects since you only need to take a small dosage.

Why is metronidazole and alcohol a big no no?

As what you may already know, the breaking down of all the stuff we take into our mouth, including the medications, happen inside our liver. The breaking process is very important for the absorption of the drug in the body while disposing the remainder components that are not useful. However, when you take metronidazole and alcohol together then you might get more harm than good effects. Alcohol has properties that can slow down the breaking process of your medications. So now you may ask, what s it for me? The slow metabolism of the medication would mean that the effects of the drug can stay longer inside your system. This allows your to suffer at the same time the side effects that comes along with the antibiotic. In fact, taking metronidazole and alcohol together can magnify the potenital side effects of the drug and your body might not as well benefit of the drug’s purpose.Recently there has been no sufficient study or journals published regarding the risks of taking metronidazole and alcohol together. So far there are only a rare number of cases of death or other serious side effects linked with metronidazole and alcohol usage. But despite of this, the doctors will always have to remind you to keep yourself a distance away from any potenital side effects of the drug by avoind alcohol during treatment. Beside the duration of your medication will not take forever so why not wait for your treatment period to end before enjoying your favorite glass of wine or a can of beer? It is more important to get healed by sacrificing for moment than to risk yourself of the harmful side effects.

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