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Take Prednisone Generic for Skin Conditions and Allergies

December 24th, 2015 Comments off

Prednisone generic medicine is a very helpful drug in today’s world as it can be used in various types of medical conditions or ailments such as: allergic disorders, asthma, rheumatic disorders, hypercalcemia caused by cancer, laryngitis, pericarditis, lupus, nephrotic syndrome, ulcerative colitis, exposure to poison oak, uveitis, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, sarcoidosis, and many more.

Should you have a health condition in which your doctor advises you to take prednisone generic medication, then you should know that prednisone generic is basically a man-made corticosteroid drug that is very effective in treating various inflammatory disorders like mild to moderate allergic reactions. Common side effects to using prednisone generic include weight gain, facial edema, fatigue, weakness, blurred vision, stomach pain, depression, insomnia, joint pain, black stools, anxiety, dry mouth, skin rashes, acne, increased appetite, diarrhea, teeth sensitivity, leg cramps, hyperactivity, and many more.

The proper intake of prednisone generic is that it should be taken orally (by mouth).  You can take prednisone generic either with milk or food in order to avoid getting an upset stomach.  Make sure that if you take a prednisone generic tablet, you must drink it with a full glass of water (approximately 250 mL), unless your doctor says so otherwise.  If you are going to take the liquid form of prednisone generic, make sure that you measure the dosage carefully by using a measuring spoon or device and not a typical kitchen spoon as it can make you take the incorrect dose.  If you are prescribed by your doctor to take only a single dose of prednisone generic each day, it is best that you take it in the morning, prior to 9 a.m.

The starting dose of prednisone generic may be from as little as 5 mg to 60 mg each day, to be usually adjusted depending on the patient’s tolerance and response to the treatment as well as the condition being treated.

You will be able to buy prednisone generic in the form of tablets (50 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg, and 2.5 mg), oral solutions or syrups of 5mg/5mL. Read more…