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Simple Reasons why Generic Tadalafil is the Favored ED Treatment Drug by Many

October 16th, 2014 Comments off

There currently a number of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs available in the market.  These products along with their generic alternatives are competing to be the best ED medication there is.  However, they usually fall short when put in comparison to Cialis and its generic version, generic tadalafil.  This is because both Cialis and generic tadalafil provide its user the best possible experience in treating their erectile condition.

Of the two, Cialis is the pricier medication as it is after all the branded version.  Generic tadalafil on the other hand is the more affordable as it is simply a replica of its branded counterpart.  Nevertheless, generic tadalafil offers the same overall effect and experience you get from using the branded type as it is after all made using the exact same ingredients that Cialis is made of.  Needless to say, generic tadalafil is basically the same drug as Cialis, but at a much cheaper or affordable price.  This is actually one of the very reasons why many choose to use generic tadalafil, or are switching to using generic tadalafil, as it gives you the most out of your money while still experiencing the same effect you like from Cialis.

A few of the reasons why Cialis and generic tadalafil are the preferred remedies for ED by those that have the erectile condition is because these two drugs, Cialis and generic tadalafil, provides you with the longest durational effect than any other cures for ED.  These two remedies for ED provide you the capacity to have the necessary erectile capacity for 36 hours.  This 36-hour ED cures is no joke as its rivals in the ED market can only provide from 4-10 hours.  The 36 hours that generic tadalafil and its branded version provide is actually the most desirable property of this particular ED drug. Read more…